Scholarship Requirements

Eligibility Requirement Criteria
(See Rules)


  1. Must major in the field listed (See Scholarships).
  2. Full-Time Studies.
  3. Must reside in any city in Nigeria.
  4. The applicant is about to graduate from SS3 or already graduated.
  5. School Transcript. 
  6. Must have O’Level Result (Either WAEC or NECO).
  7. JAMB Result with a Score of 180 and above.
  8. Letter of Admission from an Institution.
  9. Secondary School SS2 Result.
  10. Local Government of Origin Identification/Passport.
  11. Birth Certificate.
  12. Institution Identification Card.
  13. School Matriculation/Student ID Number.
  14. 3 Letters of recommendation (Teacher, colleague, client, or professor).
  15. Parental or Guardian Proof of Bank Statement.


  1. Residing in cities outside Nigeria.
  2. Major in the field not listed on the Scholarship page.
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