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Volunteering with Molara Foundation can be a way to give back to the society by contributing your Time and skills towards the growth of youths in Africa.

How to Become a Volunteer

Three Simple steps to becoming a volunteer with Molara Foundation

Send an email to:

Please make sure you add the role applying for and attach or paste your resume, cover letter, and 3 references.

Be Available Either On-site or Virtually

Meet Our Volunteers

These are the volunteers who gives their time and skills towards facilitating trainings on behalf of Molara Foundation

Volunteer Facilitator

Volunteer Facilitator

Volunteer Facilitator


Our Remote Volunteers are work from home roles. Meetings will be held online. Deadlines, weekly updates and progress report must be submitted.


 *All positions are unpaid.

Open Positions

Our Recent Volunteer Led Programs

These are some programs that our volunteers have been a part of.

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