The Ultimate Guide to Lucrative Side Hustle for Nigerians in 2023

Nowadays, side hustles are an excellent means for people in Nigeria, especially students, to make a little additional money. There are a number of causes for this, such as rising living costs, a desire to save more money or a goal of achieving financial independence in the future. More and more Nigerians are using side jobs to boost their income.

Making money is almost as essential as breathing. Finding ways to earn extra money is crucial in a society where you must pay for everything you consume, excluding the air you breathe. Aside from giving you the chance to earn some extra cash, side jobs may one day replace your principal source of income. We’ve got your back, whether you’re a student juggling classes and costs, a working person looking for additional revenue sources, or just someone who has a burning desire to transform their passion into profit. In this article, We’ll present a wide range of possibilities that fit your interests and objectives, from adaptable freelance jobs that let you display your skills to cutting-edge internet businesses that take advantage of the digital age.

  1. Freelancing:- When it comes to earning money online, freelance writing is fantastic, especially if you have a knack for it. There are various channels for locating freelance writing jobs, and you can work for clients both locally and globally. Additionally, because it is such a broad vocation, you can work in a variety of industries, such as business, marketing, academia, and the STEM disciplines. The average annual salary for a content writer in Nigeria is #827,473, albeit there are no real restrictions. Other Freelancing jobs include copywriting, programming, engineering, and marketing e.t.c
  • Content Marketing Consultant:- Even if ads are excellent for reaching potential customers online, the greatest approach to engage any online audience is still through producing high-quality content. As a content marketing consultant, you can help with this.

If you can develop a content marketing strategy and produce high-quality material based on these methods. After that, you will be paid. So if you have the ability to produce content, whether it be written or visual. Then you should think about launching this side business in Nigeria.

  • Tutoring:- The quest for knowledge and education will always lead people to seek assistance. whether they’re secondary, tertiary, or professional test candidates. People who teach and have taken and passed professional tests can particularly benefit from this side business.

One of the simplest side businesses in Nigeria to start is tutoring others using your skills. Simply spread the word about your business on social media to reach a wider audience and use word-of-mouth to get consumers (by telling your friends and relatives). To promote your new venture, you can even run low-cost advertisements. To stand out and perhaps charge greater prices, you must, however, effectively brand both your personal and corporate identities.

  • Graphics design:- If you are talented in graphic design, you might offer your skills to companies and people who need logos, business cards, flyers, and other types of graphic design work. Although some people may find it difficult to develop the necessary skills, it is still one of the simplest and fastest to begin. As a result, working as a freelance graphic designer is a common choice.
  • Event Planning:- Birthdays, weddings, and even naming ceremonies are all occasions for festivities for Nigerians. Nigeria has a sizable event industry, so if you decide to start organizing events, you might easily earn some people’s weekly salaries for a few days of effort. Finding your first client is what matters most. For nothing or a small gift, you might perform this service for a relative, after which you can begin promoting your services.
  • Web Design Consultant:- Many brands want to strengthen their online presence, and a well-designed website is a fantastic place to start. As a value-add for developing gorgeous websites, you can provide brands with web design services like website auditing and search engine optimization. You can combine your site design consultancy with content production and digital marketing techniques for better outcomes. One of the most lucrative side businesses in Nigeria is web design because it is currently one of the skills with the most demand worldwide.
  • Home-made Food Delivery:- Many folks are working hard and don’t have time to prepare the home-cooked meals they would prefer. This is one of the side businesses in Nigeria you could think about if you have excellent cooking talents. Even though there are a lot of people operating in this sector right now, there is still a large amount of potential for new competitors. Ensure that your cuisine tastes wonderful and that your brand is distinctive.
  • Start a CV/ Resume/ Business Writing Service If you’re good at writing CVs, resumes, and cover letters, you can market this skill as a side business through your social media channels.
  • Fashion & Style Consultant:- As a fashion, style, or image consultant, you aid clients in discovering, defining, and honing their public personas through the clothes they wear and the way they carry themselves. However, you must possess excellent fashion sense, and people skills, and keep up with current trends.
  1. Stock Images:- You can start earning money as a hobbyist and amateur photographer if you enjoy shooting pictures, not just of yourself but also of other things. Take images of people, places, landmarks, activities, and the natural world and post them to sites that charge for stock photography. Depending on how well the photo is captured and how many people find it appealing. With this little side job, you may start earning some money.


With the internet, finding a successful side business is simple. Technology has made it possible for more people to make more money. To start making money, all you need is a fantastic idea, a laptop, and an internet connection. But like with anything else, it calls for commitment, tenacity, sufficient research, and a lot of courage. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make the process of starting a side business simple. Learning skills to run your small business is one of the greatest strategies.

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