There’s no doubt that Nigerian schools are failing to provide quality education. Those who go through the system often graduate without being able to understand a word they have learnt or what they are expected to do with their lives. Their degrees are useless and their education actually hinders many of their futures, not just in Nigeria but also abroad where they could struggle to find work.

In Nigeria, poor quality of education has created a large pool of unemployed people with negligible skills who cannot find jobs or make a living. For these people, surviving comes at a high price: they often resort to crime and violence in an attempt to stay afloat. The World Bank estimates that if nothing changes, Nigeria will have 1.9 million job seekers by 2015–more than any other country in the world except China. Nigeria faces a growing problem in unemployment.

Help fight for the futures of Nigeria’s children by teaching them critical thinking and problem-solving skills–skills vital for any task or career–that will keep them engaged, challenged, and successful throughout their lifetime.

Poor Quality of Education is keeping you broke and jobless with easy persuasion to resort to violence.

It’s time to make a change.