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Kindness doesn’t just begin at home, it begins in our communities.

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Are you interested in sponsoring a cause that is targeted at protecting students’, and improving the standard of education in Africa?

Participation from Communities, Businesses, Organizations and Individuals can join us to help stop millions of uneducated students/citizens in your country. As we know, there is difficulties to get jobs, education withdraw with lack of finance to pay school fees  

Cost of family living expenses is difficult. Prolonged unemployment from parents may lead to children being forced to work. All leading to financial fallout.

Let us Contribute and help one person at a time.

Molara Foundation Benefits: 

  • Decrease unemployment result
  • Increase employment result after sponsoring a student to school
  • Family Income loss replacement

With education soaring, People are suffering from financial stress

Molara Foundation is start to a better day

With your help and Molara Foundation, we can balance and build a better affordable education

Molara Foundation scholarship program

plays a major economic role by increasing education among students and empowering their families to be able to meet their basic needs.

When you partner with Molara Foundation, you:

  • Prevent families from depleting their assets during periods of unemployment, financial difficulties.
  • Positively impact the households of families with few or no income
  • Family Income loss replacement
  • Offer the much-needed support to families during economic downturns
  • Increase the education rates in Africa
  • Encourage students in Africa to go back to school.

Join Molara Foundation today and let’s transform Africa together

Molara Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation by the standard of the IRS providing education while reducing unemployment and poverty in Africa. Education is the engine to development.

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