Molara Foundation: Reducing Financial Barrier to Education

Saturday, July 9, 2022
Source: The Guardian

A new dispensation indeed. It’s a new dispensation where students will no longer wander around. It’s a new dispensation when students no longer look at finances before choosing a course to study in a higher institution, vocational schools or online programs. Truly, a new dawn is upon our society, and we at Molara Foundation are proud to be coveners. 

Molara Foundation is a non-profit organization established with the mission of reducing the financial barrier to education starting with Nigeria and with a goal of taking this mission across the rest of Africa. The organization aims to support education across the continent by providing scholarships to out-of-secondary school students who are aiming to further their education in either tertiary or vocational schools. 

Molara Foundation scholarship program augments the income of very low-income households in Africa. We are aware that most families in Africa have no social protection whatsoever.

Nigerian Students in a Classroom

At the launch, the founder, Lara Orija said, “I find it a great privilege to give back to the society where I grew up. It shatters my heart to see post-secondary school students loiter around the streets and out of school. This foundation aims to reduce that. We hope to reduce the opportunity gap between the high and low-income earners and help as many students as possible through higher institutions, vocational schools, or online training courses. This launch is also a call to the general public to donate to our cause and support out-of-school students to have an opportunity to learn and gain vital skills to enhance their knowledge.” 

“We know that many families in Africa have no social protection whatsoever. We have heard and seen families in Nigeria and other parts of Africa who suffer through weeks and months of economic uncertainty. These are the issues we aim to tackle. Our education scholarship program is targeted at protecting the incomes of African families. We offer students education scholarship benefits to help them sustain and pick up for the rest of their school term even when their families cannot provide. We also want to give students and graduates working experience by bringing internship and development/learning programs into the mix. This experience will prepare them for life in a working environment, setting them down the right path. We believe this will give them a competitive edge in their endeavors.” 

Molara Foundation wants to create a pathway to education through scholarships and assist youth empowerment across Africa. The organization is on a mission to create opportunities for underprivileged young people in Africa through education and career guidance. At its foundation is the drive to be a catalyst for social change. It sets out to facilitate educational opportunities and resources for young African people and create a self-sustaining scholarship foundation for Africa. 


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Lara Orija (founder) shapes and approves foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the organization’s overall direction. 


Source: Molara Foundation Inc.

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