Why You Should Partner with Us

We are here to do the work and make a difference in Africa. The result is what we are striving to make possible. 

Touching lives is not about funds but more about reaching the needed audience and that is why we don’t mind doing the work of getting the right student, community to offer the knowledge and help grow and be of benefit to Africa at large.

There are so much potential in Africa but we need a strong push from people, organisations and companies. We are open to partner with those whose goals align with a passion to making a difference in their community or Africa. 

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Ways To Partner With Us


Donate to our course and help us create a better world by helping disadvantaged african youths get a better education.

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Volunteer your time and skills towards helping African youths get educated and ready for the workforce.

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Org to Org Partners

Do you have an organisation with similar goals and would you want to partner with us towards making those goals a reality?

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Hire Our Trained Interns

We train youths that intern with us and would want to see them get situated in good positions. We also provide youths that can be an intern for your organisation.

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Partnership application form (#26)

Partnership Application Form

We strongly believe in growing the community one youth at a time and partnership is one of the keys to make that possible. Become our partners and touch lives in Africa. 

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