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Why We Are Trusted

We came in to do the work and make the difference in Africa. The result is what we strive to make possible. 

Touching lives is not about funds but more about reaching the needed audience and that is why we don’t mind doing the work of getting the right student, community to offer the knowledge and help to grow and be a benefit to Africa at large.

There are so much potentials in Africa but we need a strong push from anyone or companies and that is where you come in. We are open to partner with those who align with the passion to make a difference in their community or Africa. 
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Invest in A Life To Make The Better World.


Our Volunteers

We have volunteers round the world not just disaporas trying to bring back more to their African communities but individuals who feel the need to bring Africa out of poverty and provide needed knowledge to be the best.

Stepanie Gaddy


Malisa Apodaca


Raymond Smond


Never Miss Anything

Let’s Make The world A Better Place.


What People Say

Touching lives no matter where we are gives us social proof. Here us what some partners are saying about us.

Monte Hatfield Happy Voluteer

What I love about being part of Molara foundation is the inputation of technology to make sure things are done in transparent manners and the right people gets the scholarship. Doing the little work is big.

Christin Baumann Happy Partner

A large number of African student lack experience in entering the market place, seeing Molara foundation try to cover this gap is a great way to bring the righ changes needed globally to fill the developed space.

    Molara Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation by the standard of the IRS providing education while reducing unemployment and poverty in Africa. Education is the engine to development.

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