Mr Macaroni partners with Molara: Foundation to award creative art scholarship

Friday, July 15, 2022
 Source: The Nation

Mr. Macaroni has partnered with Molara foundation to offer scholarships to young Nigerian creatives.


Already, three beneficiaries, who have been screened and selected by industry executives, have been awarded the scholarship.

At the announcement and presentation of award certificates to the winners recently, Mr. Macaroni expressed gratitude to the foundation for the partnership and also commended their giving spirit.

The Nation Newspaper

In his words “a life worth living is a life lived for others.”


Two of the beneficiaries, Oluwapelumi Amonahini and Shalom Afolabi were present at the presentation ceremony while the third beneficiary was not present at the ceremony.

A representative of the Molara foundation noted that giving scholarships and internships to young African students is a way of inspiring students as well as giving back to society.


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Source: Molara Foundation Inc.

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