The facilitators, the prompt attendees, the welcoming ambiance, the colourful reception, the questions and answers, the brilliant minds, the impeccable presentations, and the wonderful hosts. All of these describe the best and most informative virtual bootcamp in recent times. The Molara Foundation Students and Fresh Graduate Bootcamp saw professionals from different works of life come in to teach students on professionalism in the workspace, as well as important tools to navigate the work environment. Tools like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Résumé Writing and work ethics among others.

The 2-day Bootcamp session opened with a presentation on the basics of Microsoft Word which was immediately followed by a presentation on résumé writing. These sessions have imparted so much in the lives of these students just like Joy Ogamba stated ‘I never knew there were people who still teach these things for free and even so well that it changed my orientation about how to present my résumé next. The teachers were so patient and well prepared’.


Other tutored presentations include Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, work politics and ethics where seasoned industry professionals came in to enlighten the attendees on how to navigate each industry, especially with the politics and ethics. Another attendee, Ojekere Samuel commended the facilitators and said, ‘I enjoyed and learnt a lot from the sessions, I can’t wait to be back again’.


Molara Foundation has a reputation of helping, caring, and supporting students, and in recent times, a track record of awarding students with scholarships and internship opportunities. The bootcamp has again made them prove themselves as the go-to place for students and fresh graduates to learn and unlearn from industry professionals.