Molara Foundation: Awards Series of Scholarships

Featured in Guardian News paper for our work with Scholarships and Awardees.

Peace will most likely not be appreciated if there was no war; likewise, silence would not be appreciated if there was no noise. It is in the same vein that education might not be appreciated enough because ignorance thrives to stand in its way and to tackle that, scholarship programs are being awarded across several sectors of the economy. 

The Molara Foundation is a non-profit organization established with the mission of reducing the financial barrier to education starting with Nigeria and spreading it across the whole of Africa. The organization has organized and implemented a number of scholarship programs in various sectors including tech, academics as well as the creative arts sector.

Beneficiaries of these scholarship programs were made to apply through a seamless process of registering for whichever program they deem fit, after which there was a careful selection process from within the organization and partners.

At the heart of the founder, Lara Orija are those joyous neurons that rejoice when an action of giving is made. While in an interview, Lara said “our scholarship programs are targeted at protecting the income of the average African family as well as the low-income earners. We offer these scholarships to students who find it difficult to navigate through the bustle of life and struggle to fend for themselves. We also believe that these programs give them better chances at earning extra money through the skills they have acquired from these programs.” 

Molara Foundation intends to create a smooth pathway to education through scholarships and assist youth empowerment across Africa. The organization is on a mission to create opportunities for underprivileged young people in Africa through education and career guidance. At its foundation is the drive to be a catalyst for social change. It sets out to facilitate educational opportunities and resources for young African people and create a self-sustaining scholarship foundation for Africa. “

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