Learning & Development Programs

Internship Program

As we all know, Africa brings limited prospects to job opportunities which is why Molara Foundation is glad to include paid Short Term Internship with Molara Foundation and Partners to individuals who want to grow their knowledge in earning skillful training for job opportunities.

6 Weeks Online Program

Get to learn useful skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for the labor market. Quality and accessible education is key to economic development.

E-Learn real skills & experience

Flexible and structured program with no previous knowledge or prerequisite needed.

Student & Fresh Graduate Bootcamp

Join the list of people that will be getting FREE education in tools that will help boost your career.

Job Experience

Our programs are centralized to work on reducing unemployment in Africa. We inspire others to act and create a bridge to the future.

Tutoring Webinars

We have experienced world professionals hosting live webinars to teach career advancing skills.