Why we do what we do?

Helping students with an head start on their future will create less unemployed causes in the world.

What countries do we cover?

We currently cover Nigeria. Soon we will cover Ghana, South Africa, Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and much more.

How can I become a volunteer?

To become a volunteer, send us an email to and we will set up a meeting/interview to see why you chose us and why you want to become part of our volunteer group.

Information about scholarship?

Due to high volume in application, it takes about 3-7 weeks to process all applications and documentation submitted. Then, we choose our candidates moving forward for funding. For more information, see scholarship requirement.

How do I make a donation on your site?

Click on Donate, then fill some important information in a form.

How to request a letter of recommendation?

You can request a letter of recommendation from your teachers or counselor. Family or friends are not allowed.

Types of scholarship

Merit based: The scholarship may consider the student’s academic achievement. They may require you to meet a certain GPA or test scores.
Need based: This type of scholarship typically focuses on a student’s and family’s ability to afford higher education. This typically uses household income as a consideration.

How do you find scholarship for university?

– School websites
– Ask you Secondary/High school guidance counselor
– Financial aid office at the college you are thinking about attending
– Scholarships for state residents
– Professional organizations in your field of study
– Private companies