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Molara Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide Scholarship benefits to African students. Helping individuals who are passionate about Education in Africa, Molara Foundation aims at minimizing the undesirable side effects of lack of education, helping one African country at a time. When more people go to school, there is less crime, less illness, and less dependency on wellness.

Our Vision

A future where every young person in Africa has access to quality education and the resources they need to succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

Our Mission

To break down the barriers to education and create opportunities for African youth to reach their full potential. We provide educational resources and support to disadvantaged communities, enabling young people to acquire the skills they need to improve their lives and contribute to the development of their societies. Our goal is to create a lasting impact on the lives of African youth by promoting lifelong learning and empowering them to become agents of change in their communities.


We are aware that most families in Africa have no social protection whatsoever. We have heard and seen thousands of families who have had to walk out of cities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, to return to their villages with nothing, followed by weeks and months of economic uncertainty.


Some of the projects we fund will fail. We not only accept that we expect it—because we think an essential role of philanthropy is to make bets, and decisions on promising solutions that governments and businesses can’t afford to make.


Delivering education to marginalized communities is at the heart of Molara Foundation. 

Molara Foundation Programs augments the income of very low-income households in Africa.   

Molara Foundation program helps protect families against significant income losses during spells of unemployment. Molara Foundation program will help families stabilize their income during recessions. 

What Makes MF Unique

We are focused on the areas of greatest need, on the ways in which we can do the most good.

“Education is the Engine to Development”

Lara Orija


“Personal Development, growth and skills start from enhancing your knowledge” 


Sayo Alabi

Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

“Education is more than just a means to achieve a state of affluence but important in shaping lives, choices, and the future”.

Christina Celestine

Program Specialist

“Only education can help us escape and eradicate the mindset that keeps Africa underdeveloped”.

Samuel Ogunmilua

Web & Graphic Designer

“Education is the only business still debating the usefulness of technology”.

Pelumi Akinselure

Outreach & Marketing Coordinator

“Focus on developing creative/innovation strategies to build a better society while making a global impact”.

David Adeyemi

Public Relations Associate

The future you dream of is here. Handle with wisdom“.

Molara Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation by the standard of the IRS providing education while reducing unemployment and poverty in Africa. Education is the engine to development.

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